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Press Reviews



“Both Feldmans unite passion with elegance.”

The Boston Globe



“Their interpretations sounded thoughtfully worked out, a meeting of unthreatened equals.”

The Phoenix



“Displaying majestic sweep and precision, Duo Cello e Basso injected their musical adrenaline into Feldman’s transcription (Passacaglia by Handel-Halvorsen), capturing the work’s elements in sensitive, noble, and passionate style."

The Patriot Ledger



"The clarity and lightness of their playing is delightful, and allows the piece to dance. The strengths of each player are especially evident here in the Mozart; Delache-Feldman's ability to let the bass melodies sing and her supple accompanimental lines are complimented by Feldman's own beautiful tone and phrasing."

The International Society of Bassists Magazine



“Duo Cello e Basso performed with technical certainty and musical imagination. Melodic ideas were attractively molded and intonation was excellent”

New Music Connoisseur



“Duo Cello e Basso brought a smooth, quixotic romanticism into the air”.

The Newport Daily Express


“In concert or on the radio, the duo has affirmed its personality in its varied repertoire”.

La Dépêche (France)



“Duo Cello e Basso successfully combined two instruments not frequently heard together as a duo and presented a very exciting, virtuosic musical performance”.

Jennifer Shallenberger, King’s Chapel Concert Series 

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