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Masterclass and Residency Offerings



Commissioning Roadmap for Composers and Ensembles

This lively workshop demystifies the process so you can:  

  • Identify grants and other funding platforms

  • Learn the basic principles needed for your grant application

  • Avoid the common mistakes.  

  • Find your ideal partners (composer, ensemble, or organization/venue)

  • Explore the wide range of ways online avenues to promote and disseminate the music.

  • How to create a consortium


Your Successful Premiere: the 7 Step Process

How to learn new works and collaborate well in the process.

In this interactive workshop for performers and composers you’ll:

  • Discover the essential 7 practice strategies to learn any new work in record time and enhance your performances

  • Experiment with new extended techniques for composers and performers alike

  • Learn how to deal with the unexpected in the process so you can adapt and move forward.

  • Get the Do’s and Don’ts of composer/performer connections so you can collaborate creatively and negotiate changes as needed

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