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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart *

Duo #1 in G Major, K. 423 


Ludwig van Beethoven *

Duet “with two eyeglasses obligato”


Antonio Vivaldi *

Double Concerto in G minor


 - Intermission -


Jean Barrière

Sonate à Deux


Gioacchino Rossini



Handel-Halvorsen *




* Transcribed by Duo Cello e Basso

American Showcase


Hayg Boyadjian

Music Eclipse (2001)  


John Harbison

Deep Dances (2006)   


Andrew List

Day Love Dances (2007) (1995)


Elena Ruehr

Catwalk (1995)


 - Intermission -  


Pamela Marshall

Pascal’s Theorems (1997) 


Daniel Pinkham

Partita for cello and bass (2001)


Emmanuel Feldman 

Enigma #1 (1994) 


* All compositions were commissioned by Duo Cello e Basso

The French-American Connection


Jean Barrière Andante

Sonate à Deux


J.S.Bach-Charles Gounod **

Ave Maria  


John Harbison *

Deep Dances (2006)


Andrew List *

 Love Dances (2007) 


- Intermission -


Emmanuel Feldman *

Enigma #1 (1994)


Jacques Offenbach **

Suite #1, Op. 54


George Gershwin **

It Ain’t Necessarily So

3rd Prelude


* Written for Duo Cello e Basso

** Transcribed by Duo Cello e Basso


Let's Tango!

with pianist Victor Cayres

Carlos Gardel 

Por Una Cabeza

El Dia Que Me Quieras

Astor Piazzolla

Five Tangos for cello and double bass

Kicho for double bass and piano

Le Grand Tango for cello and piano

- Intermission -

Four Seasons of Buenos Aires 





* Transcribed by Duo Cello e Basso

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